Twentieth Anniversary Hackintosh

I found some really cheap Twentieth Anniversary Mac parts on eBay.  With Techshop shutting down I’ve been worried about how I was going to create some of the parts.  Particularly any injection molding.  I wanted to create the backstand you see in the previous post.  However, now I was able to pick up the original backstand from eBay for $50.

Metal Backstand paid $58.

It’s in great shape.  The plan is to create a hackintosh with an ATX motherboard placed into the old subwoofer case.  I picked up a broken one of these on eBay also for $65.  I’m going to try to 3D print a new base that will house the motherboard.

I picked up one last piece from the same seller of the backstand. Its the full front of a broken Twentieth Anniversary Mac.  It includes the screen and CD-ROM, but no motherboard.  I’m toying with the idea of making the whole middle of the front a vertically oriented screen.  Creating a new vacuum pressed backside and housing the motherboard in the subwoofer.  Here are the parts.

Front of the Twentieth Anniversary Mac. Paid $200

Subwoofer Case, notice the bottom is missing. Paid $65.