New Project: The B&O Mac

Really appreciate all the feedback on the project.  Special thanks to John Leake at RetroMac who did a podcast interview with me on the project.

I’ve just joined a new maker space, TechShop, which has a whole range of new equipment.  In particular, they have CNC controlled routers and a vacuum press that will allow me to create the plastic back of the next Mac prototype I want to build.

This prototype is called the B&O Mac after its resemblance to Bang & Olufsen stereo equipment of that era.  It is the direct ancestor of the Twentieth Anniversary Mac designed by Jony Ive, however the original version was created by Robert Brunner.  In my opinion it is a much nicer design than the final Anniversary Mac.

B&O 1B&O 2B&O 4 hiresB&O 3 hires