Recent Progress

Great progress recently on both the software and hardware side.


  • Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS installed
  • Macbuntu installed to make it look like OSX.  Amazingly close to the real OSX.
  • SheepShaver – Emulates PowerPC setup with OS9 up and running.
  • Basilisk II – Emulates 68040 with Quadra 630 ROM.  Yes, I do own a couple of these, so ROMs are legal.


You can see the results below.  All the pieces fit together very nicely.  Its amazing the tolerances of a laser cutter.  The whole thing “snaps” together.  Next steps are to paint and apply the cherry wood veneer and stain.  I expect this will be a Version 1 product, but I’m hopeful given how well the pieces fit.



pomona mac top view