Nearly Done

Had a couple hours today to make some real progress.  Lot’s of painting and gluing today.  Amazingly all the measurements held up.  This whole project would have been impossible without the laser cutter at Catylaytor Makerspace.  Very close to final assembly.  Last challenge to to make the screen accessible again if I ever need access.


Here are the two shots of the “original”.  Each is a slight variation, so there is no true original to be duplicated.  I tried to stay true, but made a couple mods of my own along the way.  You’ll notice the base of the speakers is different.  I used a round front foot for the speakers.  They are tall and this solved the issue of them toppling over.  I also seated the screen flat against the foot (bale).  It appears to be slightly off the ground in the pictures, but this didn’t seem to serve a reason.  It wasn’t intended to allow the keyboard to fit under so I removed this as it added unneeded complexity to the build.  I also eliminated the odd black T brace on the back of the unit.  It didn’t serve a purpose and distracted from the clean sweep of the cherry wood.



Apple protoype from the Oct and December 1992. Part of the Pomona design series.












Here is my take on the Pomona Mac or the B&O Mac.

Curves The Shot IMG_7413